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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food + Fashion = Awesome

Happy Sunday! It seems I had a cold for 24 hours, recovered for 4 days, and now it's hit my like a ton of bricks again. So chamomile tea it is!

I had a really wonderful Chicago trip yesterday. Sales could have definitely been better, but the frigid cold kept a lot of people at home it seemed. But my friend and I braved the weather and spent some time in Wicker Park. We found the cutest shop- I mean so overwhelming, cutesy-pink and blue, big-dumb-smile-on-your-face cute, called Rudys Roundup. The ladies working there were so very nice, and recommend Earwax Cafe for some cheap veggie eats. I ended up with some much-needed espresso, seitan buffalo wings and a cookie for under $15. It wasn't Comet, but I left very full and satisfied. VERY full.

So it's back to the real world today- working at home. I feel fortunate to have Chicago a day-trip away, but I really do love Milwaukee. I'm so excited to open Project M in this wonderful city.

Have a great day!

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